Hopewell Church Today
The light at the light

Hopewell Methodist Church strives to be "The light at the light." Hopewell continues to be a presence within the community sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and serving the least of these. Hopewell Church is privileged to host ministry groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Kairos Prison Ministries, the Richmond Emmaus Community, and Cub Scout Pack 2835.

The History of Hopewell Church
The Early Years

Getting its start from very humble beginnings, Hopewell Methodist Church was planted in 1813. Through prayer, patience, and faith, the members of Hopewell Methodist Church began constructing its first building in 1853 which was not completed until after the Civil War. 

To learn more about our early days, go to History of Hopewell Methodist Church

The Modern Era
1945 – 1999

Hopewell Methodist Church continued to grow into the church God had called her to be. In 1947, the church embraced the modern conveniences coming available and added electricity to the church. In 1950, four new classrooms were added to accommodate the growing membership. These were just the beginning of the many adaptations the church and its members underwent as the modern era continued to unfold. You can read more about numerous changes experienced by reading History of Hopewell Church - Part 2

Hopewell Methodist Church
1813 - 2023 Our 210th Anniversary

We boldly march forward as a congregation – trusting God’s grace to help us to be faithful.  It is our fervent prayer that those who come after us find us faithful. May the footsteps that we leave lead them to believe, and the life we live inspire them to obedient discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ.